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Thursday, September 9, 2021 @ 4:00P.M.


* Please contact your childs teacher for further details on how to attend


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The School Improvement Plan (SIP), Parent Involvement Plan (PIP), and School Public Accountability Report (SPAR) are available in the front office in the parent involvement notebook and on our school website.  These documents are available in other languages upon request.

In  compliance with the statute requiring us to properly notify parents of the availability of our School Financial Report, we  have posted directions below on how to view said report. Paper copies are also  available at school site and district office.

Instructions for viewing the 2019-2020 School Financial Report are:

  • Proceed to “Schools”. Select Lake Alfred Elementary
  • On that page toward the bottom right you will see: 2019-2020 – ” School Financial Report. (Click here to view report)”.



The Parent Portal is a new on-line service offered to parents and guardians in Polk County. The service will bring together into one single web page information about ALL of the students for a particular parent





The following dates have been chosen as student Early Dismissal days for school year 2021-2022. All students will be dismissed 2.5 hours (150 minutes) early.

  • September 8, 2021
  • October 27, 2021
  • November 17, 2021
  • January  12, 2022
  • February 2, 2022
  • March 16, 2022
  • April 20, 2022
  • May 27, 2022



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A couple of parent involvement reminders:

Click here to view the A Flyer From the Parent University Summer


We are looking forward to working with our students and their parents. At LAE we treat our students, teachers, and staff with respect by showing our respect for all students, our teachers and staff, and all visitors to LAE. When visiting LAE, please show your respect for our students, teachers, and staff. Please take the time to read the information included in this e-agenda, so you will understand how LAE works.

We want all of our students to live up to our school motto:

“LAE students can and will learn together to read, to write and to understand math and science. We are Winners.”


Our Discipline Goals

At LAE, everyone:
works to be the best they can be.
takes responsibility for their own behavior.
treats themselves and others with dignity and respect.
works to create a positive, safe, caring, and orderly school climate.
focuses on the prevention of discipline problems.
works to develop a strong and supportive relationship between the parents, students and school.

General Rules Followed By Everyone at LAE

LAE students:
are courteous and respectful at all times.
follow directions.
keep our hands, feet and bad names to ourselves.
wait for permission to speak using an appropriate voice.
always perform at our best.
These general rules outline the behavior expected of everyone at LAE. Each teacher has developed a classroom management plan, which establishes the expectations, the consequences for misbehavior and rewards for appropriate behavior.
Classroom management plans are posted in the classrooms, and a copy will be sent home with students for parents to sign and return. All Classroom management plans include “time out” in the classroom, and “time out” in another classroom or
Choice” (in-school suspension room) as consequences for inappropriate behavior.

We expect civil behavior from our students:

Schools are places where students gain the knowledge and skills to be responsible, contributing and independent members of our society. Success in life is dependent not only on knowledge and skill but also on attitude and self-concept. All of these are molded and shaped in the education process. Our goal is to teach our students how to use the following social skills:
introducing themselves, showing respect, following instructions, talking with others, accepting “No” for an answer, accepting criticism or a consequence, disagreeing appropriately, showing sensitivity to others, accepting consequences, accepting decisions of authority, greeting others, learning things to do to control their anger, asking for help, asking questions, completing tasks, completing homework, using appropriate voice tone, using appropriate word choice, following a reasonable request, joining in a conversation, correcting another person, following rules, getting another person’s attention, getting the teacher’s attention, doing good quality work, ignoring distractions by others, interrupting appropriately, correcting another person, making an apology, participating in activities, making positive statements about others, resisting peer pressure, saying “No,” staying on task, waiting his/her turn, following written instructions, and giving compliments.

Parent Expectations:

Civil Students” are created by a team effort. The team consists of the student, teacher and, most importantly, the parent. The attitude, expectations, and behavior of the parent about school play a crucial role in the child’s success in school. Parents want what is best for their children. By doing the things listed below, parents are increasing the potential that their children will get the best education. The parents at LAE…
communicate to their child that he/she (1) has a parent who loves him/her; (2) is a special and important person, who will be successful in school.
make sure their child (1) gets at least eight hours of sleep each school night;(2) has breakfast before school starts; and (3) gets to school on time  by 8:00 a.m.
help their child learn to take responsibility for his/her behavior. set realistically high goals for performance in school €“ both behavior and academics. continually encourage their child to strive to be the best he/she can be. support their child when there are problems or progress is not being made as rapidly as desired.
read to, or encourage their child to read an interesting or fun book at least twenty minutes a day.
provide a regular time and place, which is quiet, where their child can do his/her math and writing homework or read.
reinforce the social skill listed in each week’s LAE parent newsletter.
communicate and consult with the teacher, on a regular basis, about their child’s performance. This can be done by telephone, in writing, or in person.
sign and return all notices that request your signature.
show interest in their child’s efforts in school by asking questions each day about what he/she:
learned in school. enjoyed doing at school.
was proud of at school brought home from his/her teacher or the office
notify the school of health or other problems that might interfere with their child’s performance. If your child is absent from school, please notify the office by phone or send a note to the teacher when your child returns to school stating the reason your child was absent from school.

Study Habits/Personal Development

Kindergarten  5th Grade Expectations:
Takes pride in work. Works well on his/her own. Listens and follows directions.
Participates in activities. Completes class assignments. Respects the rights of others.
Gets along with classmates. Respects authority. Behaves in school.

LAE students on time, All Day, Every Day!


Ready to learn
Obey the rules
Achieve at all times
Respect everyone

Consistent & Pervasive Instructional Strategies used by teachers:
1.Write to Summarize
2.FCAT Stem questions
3.Thinking Maps and Kagan Cooperative Learning


More Information…



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Free  Math Online Program for Students

(grades 1-8, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2)

To access this free resource for your child, go to, click on “Parents-Sign Up”, and enter your information with S14P3351 as the “Access Code From Your School” code. Complete the general grade information for your child and he/ she will be given access to the grade specific math material.


LAE Motto…

LAE students can and will together learn how to read, write, and  understand Math and Science. We are winners!