Title One

Good Afternoon,

As we are wrapping up the school year. I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for such a tremendous effort serving our school this year.  We have a few items we must complete before May 18.  I have attached the school compact, and the new PFEP.  Please review these documents carefully and send me any feedback.  I will be collect feedback until May 18.  Feedback will be reviewed and implemented if possible.

Once Again THANK YOU so much for a wonderful year.

-Lisa Baumgarten

PS I have included both English and Spanish.

Parent Involvement

Mission Statement

District Mission Statement

District and school-based Title I Parent Involvement Programs in Polk County will strive to build RELATIONSHIPS to create real family engagement for every child, every family, every teacher, every day.

Declaración de la Misión del Envolvimiento o Participación Paterna de Título I del Distrito

Los Programas de Envolvimiento o Participación Paterna de Título I basados en las Escuela o en el Distrito del Condado de Polk se esforzarán para edificarRELACIONES y crear un compromiso familiar real para cada niño, cada familia, cada maestro, cada día.

Deklarasyon misyon Patisipasyon Paran Tit I nan Distri a

Pwogram Patisipasyon Paran Tit I nan Distri ak nan lekòl nan Depatman Polk la ap fè tout posib li  pou l bati BON JAN RELASYON  ak paran yo, yon fason pou kreye angajman fanmi tout bon vre pou chak timoun, chak fanmi, chak pwofesè, chak jou.

The School Improvement Plan (SIP), Parent Involvement Plan (PIP), and School Public Accountability Report (SPAR) are available in the front office in the parent involvement notebook. These documents are available in other languages upon request.

Title I Overview

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Components of Title I are:

  • Effective Instruction
  • Professional Development
  • Parental Involvement

Studies show that the more parents are involved in the education of their child, the more academically successful that child will be. The goal of the Title I Parent Involvement program is to give school-based Parent Involvement Facilitators information, materials and resources to enable them to provide for their parents at the school-level. It is the job of the Facilitator to give parents the tools and resources necessary for them to help their child at home. Everyone working together in this way gives the child the best possible support for doing well in school.

Información General del Programa Título I

Los componentes de Título I son:

  • Enseñanza efectiva
  • Desarrollo Profesional
  • Participación de los Padres

Los estudios demuestran que mientras más involucrados estén los padres en la educación de sus hijos, más éxito académico tendrá el/la niño/a. El objetivo del Programa de Participación de Padres de Título I es dar a los Facilitadores deParticipación de Padres basados en las escuelas información, materiales y recursospara poder proveer para sus padres a nivel de la escuela. Es el trabajo del Facilitador darles a los padres las herramientas y recursos necesarios para que puedan ayudar a sus hijos en el hogar. Trabajando todos juntos de esta manera le da al niño el mejor apoyo posible para salir bien en la escuela.

Rezime Pwogram Tit I an

Pwogram Tit I an gen ladann:

  • Anseyman ki mache byen
  • Opòtinite Aprantisaj pou Pwofesè yo
  • Patisipasyon Paran yo

Gen Etid ki montre plis paran patisipe nan edikasyon pitit yo se plis pitit yo gen siksè nan lekòl la. Objektif Pwogram Patisipasyon Paran Tit I yo se bay Fasilitatè Patisipasyon Paran Lekòl la enfòmasyon, materyèl ak sipò k’ap pèmèt yo sipòte paran yo nan lekòl la. Se travay Fasilitatè yo pou yo bay paran yo zouti ak sipò nesesè k’ap pèmèt yo ede pitit yo lakay yo. Chak moun k’ap travay ansanm nan fason sa a bay timoun nan meyè sipò posib pou li travay byen nan lekòl la.

Useful Links & Resources

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  • Title 1 District Website (Click Here)
  • Parent Centers

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